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DUI lawyer Riverside & Temecula CA

Was Your Field Sobriety Test Conducted Properly? Just because you failed a field sobriety test or blew over the legal limit of .08 on a breath test doesn’t mean you’re automatically guilty of drunk driving. There are a number of issues involved in a DUI / DWI arrest that can compromise the evidence against you: whether your car stop was constitutional, whether your field sobriety test was conducted properly, or whether the results of your breath or blood alcohol test are reliable will determine … [Read more...]

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Lawyers in Riverside and Temecula, California At Clark, Clark & Associates, PC, we bring extensive experience to individuals with legal challenges involving criminal law, personal injury, family law and immigration. Both of our partners are former prosecutors, and both received Prosecutor of the Year awards when working for the district attorney’s office. We take an aggressive approach in all legal matters, using our experience, knowledge and skill to identify the best options for you. We … [Read more...]

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